News & Events

News & Events

During the year, we offer a range of activities, events, workshops, training’s, gatherings, open to everyone. Our aim is to create an environment friendly to everyone who would like to learn more, experience more, relax, have fun and educate.

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Annual Events

Yogathon (Yoga Marathon) is an annual event since 2009. An experience that will make you fly! The practice of HATHA YOGA and the simultaneous activation of all the chakras, PRANAYAMA and bandhas activate all the mokshas, bringing to the body a feeling of incredible lightness and freedom. The continuous movement combined with the PRANA and mantras for a protracted period of time offers wellness. 
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Medithon (Meditation Marathon) is an annual event since 2009. An experience that will uplift you! Meditation Marathon aim is to bring us closer to our higher Self and our inner world, finding our abilities, limitations, our propose, our brain way of action, the power of our energies, chakras, etc. The practice of “mental” YOGA with techniques of simultaneous activation of all the chakras and the deeper meditation will uplift you.
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Spiral Meditation is an annual event – an experience that will uplift you! A unique way to meditate in a group, increasing the etheric energy of the body, transcending the mind and emotions on a spiritual level, expanding consciousness, opening to a superior stage of evolution of humankind.! Aims at the awakening of individuals and groups who participate to these meditations, for bringing into awareness the presence of Cosmic Consciousness. With this experience, every individual can have access to the universal dimension that exists in potential in every soul. Suitable for everyone of 16 years old and over, regardless of physical condition. No previous experience is needed. Duration differs in each spiral meditation.
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OPEN YOGA DAY CYPRUS annual Pancyprian events
Established in 2015, the Open Yoga Day Cyprus is honored to educate the public about benefits of yoga through annual free community events held at different locations across Cyprus. The occasions, facilitated with the support of local municipalities, sponsors, yoga instructors and organizing team of volunteers, annually gather yoga enthusiasts, families and friends for a day filled with inspiring program. Promoting well-being and social interaction, the initiative aims at showcasing yoga benefits to all, while ultimately contributing in developing healthy society. Join us in celebration of life, love and unity thru those events.
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