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Dhyāna ध्यान or Jhāna झान in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism means meditation which is “a deeper awareness of oneness which is inclusive of perception of body, mind, senses and surroundings, yet remaining unidentified with it”. Dhyana is taken up after preceding exercises, and leads to samadhi and self-knowledge, separating māyā from reality to help attain the ultimate goal of moksha.

Meditation is a verdict that is used in various spiritual practices, that often differ in their methods but have the same purpose which is to bring the consciousness of the person concerned in a “situation” in which goes to “release”. In many traditions, methods of meditation have been developed according to the status of each nation. Meditation is the method of training the mind. It’s a way to complacent the mind, to harmonize its intellectual functions and observation. Tantric Meditation classes are divided into 2 levels, with the first one to practice more dharana practices as a preparation to a deeper and actual state of meditation in the advance Tantric Meditation classes.
-Everyone can join regardless age and physical condition.
-Good emotional and psychological state its important.
-Duration 1h

TANTRIC MEDITATION course (advanced)
HRIDAYAKASHA MEDITATION: Hridaya, is the Spiritual Heart, our ultimate nature, the ineffable dimension of our being. In the Yogic tradition we recognize the Spiritual Heart as the Supreme Self, Atman. Here we are speaking of the witness consciousness, that intimate observer of all our thoughts, actions, emotions, sensations, the mind and the entire Universe. Through the practice of this meditation more subtle understandings about the significance of the Spiritual Heart shall be revealed. We experience a journey of the heart simply being an object of meditation, becoming a means of knowledge and eventually to reveal its true nature of that which we really are. Meditation cultivates awareness moving us more frequently into stillness. With practice we experience the peace of mental void of sitting without our thoughts and mental agitations. An expansion and opening of love naturally occurs.
LAYA YOGA MEDITATION: Laya Yoga is an ancient form of meditation, with concentration on integration of the microcosm to the macrocosm. Laya essentially means to dissolve all karmic patterns or conditioning and merge into the transcendental reality. It also means deep concentration and making an effort to obliterate the ego, thereby rising to a higher state of consciousness, called Turiya. It is a method to prevent fluctuations of the mind. The practice of laya yoga cleanses and heal the mind and body. These practices must be undertaken with a competent teacher who has the personal experience and initiation into this technique.
-Everyone can join regardless age and physical condition.
-Previous experience is required.

-Good emotional and psychological state its important.
-Duration 1h & 30min

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