• Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your class or session and on time for the following ones.
• As a courtesy to fellow students we enforce a strict late-arrival policy: if you are late, you may not be able to join the class.
• All courses, seminars, workshops or other events start right on time and the doors close.
• The center is a free- mobile & shoes area. So, please turn off or silence your mobile phone before entering the space and leave your shoes at the entrance. • All of our classes are done barefoot.
• Backs are not allowed in the class room. Keep them at the changing room.
• Please to bring with you less, only what you need for your time at the center.
• The center is not held responsible for any lost or stolen items.
• Silence! Most of the times, a class is in progress. In order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in all areas of the center please speak in a low tone and all our movements to be subtle and soft.
• Cleanness! Each one is responsible for keeping the w.c. clean and the space after eating or drinking, please to wash up your cap after having tea or anything at the center.
• The library is available to all. Books are not for lending, but can be studied in the space freely.

• Bring with you yoga mat, blanket, comfortable and plain clothes.
• If you must leave early, inform the teacher at the beginning of the class, (it is important to stay throughout the whole class as well as not to disturb others).
• Do not eat for at least 2 hours before class time. Drink water before and after class.
• Make sure you have taken care of your personal hygiene: freshly washed body is appreciated by fellow students! Please do wear deodorant.
• Please don’t wear heavy perfumes.
• Bring your own towel and yoga mat.
• If you have any type of injury or illness inform your teacher.
• Practice on your own as yoga is a personal and not a competitive practice.
• Follow teacher’s instructions exactly and practice slowly and carefully.
• Be regular and consistent in your practice, (do not make it a habit to arrive late and/or leave early from the class).

• Ways of payment are by cash, bank deposit. Credit cards and checks are not accepted.
• All monthly classes must be prepaid.
• For all yoga classes to reserve your spot you must prepaid the month / class / package, if you absent from a class for 1 session without notification the you must re-arrange and reserve your new spot.
• In case of class cancellation without 24 hours notice the class can not be replaced.
• The classes can be replaced according to the schedule and only if there are free spots, during the month that was the payment, NO classes can be moved to another month.
• The center is not oblige to replace classes missed during public holidays or holidays.
• Workshops, seminars and other events should be always prepaid at least 5 days before the event.
• The booking is done by full prepayment.
• If the participant cancel his/her participation minimum 2 days before, he/she will be charged the one third of the total amount and will be refunded the remaining amount.
• NO refunds for unreasonable absence or last minute notice.
• Therapies / treatments / massages are pre-payed and NO refunds for not using the coupons in the dates written on them.
• For therapies / treatments / massages packages bought as an offer in advanced, NO refunds if the patient stop the treatment at any time during the therapies series OR didn’t appear at the session.